The Slee Sleigh
Where your ATV can go – The Slee Sleigh can too

The ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ is fast becoming the industry standard for extracting deer carcasses from the hill in even the most challenging terrains: Rough, Rocky, Soft, Snowy, Steep or Flat! You name it – Wherever your Quad/ATV can go, The ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ will be right behind you!

This innovative product – developed by the designer and manufacturer through years of practical experience – makes the ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ by far the easiest and not to mention safest method for extracting deer from the hill.
The pre-installed trailer hitch means it can hook up to any ATV, Quad, Argocat and most other 4 X 4’s.

See the Slee Sleigh in Action

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Key Features:
Will easily handle 3 sizeable red deer and 5 roe deer (or other smaller breeds) at any one time
Rigid but lightweight, galvanised steel frame
Rigid steel drawbar
Skin made from high-density polyethylene (or HDPE) – renowned for its durability
Replaceable, hard wearing steel runnners
All steel galvanised to ensure longest possible lasting protective coat
Health & Safety:
Eliminates back problems caused by dragging deer or other traditional methods
Foldable, lightweight design – easy for 1 person to handle, saving space in your motor vehicle or trailer when transporting to the field and for ease of storage when not in use
Frame has eyelets for tying deer down for safer transportation
Food Standards:
Protects the flesh of the deer from getting bashed and bruised when extracting from the hill
Tarp (which can be purchased separately) will also keep the carcass clean
Easy washdown of sleigh to maintain hygiene – vital in maintaining food handling standards
Rigid steel drawbar

Steel Runners act as guides and keep the Sleigh on track behind ATV

Widely used by the Forestry Commission and Forestry and Land Scotland as well as to private / contract game keepers throughout the UK, with hundreds of units having been sold to date.
The ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ is now also being exported overseas to Scandinavia and other parts of Europe

Customer Endorsements

“Using the ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ is  fundamental part of deer carcass recovery process, allowing us to  us to work  both safely and in line with best practice”
Richard Eadington Wildlife Ranger Manager – Aberfoyle and Trossachs

“The ‘SLEE SLEIGH’ is very competitively priced given the quality, reliability and functionality of the product – especially given the rough terrain we cover.
Extracting deer this way all but eliminates the potential for carcass damage, as well as injury to operatives.”
Alasdair Cameron, Wildlife Ranger Manager West Region

Andrew Robertson – Alba Deer Stalking


To order your Slee Sleigh now or to make an enquiry please call 01436 810038 or email contact@njsleewelding.co.uk